If you've reached here, I'd like to add a little more about myself šŸ˜Ž

Picture above is from my recent visit to Tidung island in south of Jakarta, Indonesia. I like to think big, but Iā€™m pragmatic in my day-to-day work and can take fast decisions on what needs to be done in the short term.

While interface design is the core of my expertise, experience in front-end development rounds out my perspective. I have experience managing multi-stakeholder creative processes and am self-motivated to adapt to different team structures.
  • Gojek

    Lead product designer for an un-announced product šŸ¤«

    Product designer

  • Hike

    Ethically steering the thoughts and actions of over 100 million users every day.

    Associate Product Designer

  • InstaLively

    Pioneer employee taking lead in planning, managing, executing and monitoring the Product Design, Research, and Front-end Development.

    Design Technologists

  • GrownOut

    Founding member of the startup wearing multiple hats helping the B2B product in automating Referal hiring.

    Interaction Engineer

Skills and interests
UI/UX Design

Design Language Systems

Prototyping tools

Front-end development

The Internet

Reading Design as art(Bruno Munari)

Watching Chernobyl disaster

Listning to Future -Adam Beyer & Dense & Pika

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