I'm Vipul, a User Experience, User Interfaces, User Research, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Prototyping and Front-end Development. Product Designer with a hybrid skill-set ranging from design to engineering. Currently designing experiences at N26.

I care a lot about user-empathy, clarity, consistency, scalability, craft and smoothing out complex interactions. I'm lucky to be in such a people-centric field of UX design because I love a good story whether I am the storyteller or the listener.

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  • Journey of designing an OTT Platform

    From 0 to million, this is my journey of leading design for GoPlay, an OTT ap across ios, android and Smart TV platform.

  • Grocries delivered in minutes

    You create true delight by being thoughtful, not by trying to impress. And that's what I was aiming at while designg this grocery delivery experience.

Public Case Studies
  • Camera Is The New Keyboard

    A two part UX case-study on Hike Messenger's Camera 2.0 explaining the complete product design process.

  • Instalively - Stream & Explore Live Videos

    The making of Instalively

  • During my little time spent with Ixigo

    Ixigo is a widely used travel search engine in India. I did a little concept design for their Hotel booking experience back in 2016

  • GrownOut - Automated referral hiring system

    Pioneer employee taking lead in FED and web design. I pushed my 1st MVC architecture code to production in 2015

  • Mr. Tiagon

    In early 2014, I worked with InoxApps(services company) where I was designing mobile arcade games. Mr. Tiagon is a Labyrinth inspired puzzle game.

  • Silent Ninja, Redesign

    Very inspired by da Vinci's quote "Art is never finished, only abandoned" I redesigned my 1st mobile app in 2014.

  • First Press Release

    My first designed mobile app got some spotlight from the local press back in 2013. Silent Ninja helped people to block all unwanted calls with smart filters to identify spam.

Personal Blog
  • Knowledge On Demand

    “The trouble is, you think you have time.” ...

Freebies/ Public libraries
  • Movie Booking App

    A simple movie booking iOS app to book tickets on the go. The zip file includes Sketch & Principle files.

  • Codepen.io

    Open-source web front-end resorces.

  • Github

    Includes personal projects & my FED work from the past.

Feel free to drop an “Hi or Hola” back bytweeting me, or sending me an old fashioned email.

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